Andy Campbell

Andy Campbell is a critic, curator, educator, and historian of contemporary art and design with particular emphasis on U.S. identity-based political movements of the 20th and 21st centuries, their archives and afterlives. Recent monographs include Bound Together: Leather, Sex, Archives, and Contemporary Art, and Queer X Design. Together with Chelsea Weathers he co-edited the volume Jennifer West: Media Archaeology, and with Amelia Jones the catalog Queer Communion: Ron Athey—named one of “The Best Art Books of 2020” by The New York Times. Campbell’s essays and reviews have appeared in Artforum, Xtra, GLQ, Dress, The Invisible Archive, and Turbo, amongst others. His current book project examines the material and procedural effects of—and silences around—poverty in contemporary artistic practice in the United States. Campbell is Associate Professor of Critical Studies at USC’s Roski School of Art and Design, and he lives in Gardena, CA.

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Apr 2023

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