Michèle Longino

Michèle Longino, professor of French studies in the department of romance studies at Duke University, is an early modern scholar focused on the French Classical age, 1650–1700. She published Performing Motherhood: The Sévigné Correspondence. Her second book, on classical theater and orientalism in the context of French-Ottoman relations, Orientalism in French Classical Drama was awarded Honorable Mention for the MLA Scaglione Prize. Her recent research has focused on the genre of travel writing and Mediterranean travel accounts from the classical period, and resulted in her third book, French Travel Writing and the Ottoman Empire: Marseilles to Constantinople, 1650–1700. She is currently examining the fairy tales of Charles Perrault and the fables of La Fontaine, both 17th-century writers of the French classical period.

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Mar 2017

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