Hôtel de Tingry

A classified historical monument, the Hôtel de Tingry was built in the 17th century by Joseph Balthazard des Laurents, whose descendant Eléonore Pulchérie des Laurents married Charles François Christian Montmorency-Luxembourg, Prince of Tingry, who gave his name to this mansion. The Count of Rantzau, captain of the King of Denmark, took refuge in the house in 1781 until his death in 1789.  The Hôtel de Tingry, was purchased by the American arts patron, Nancy Brown Negley and was her private residence for 13 years, before she created the Nancy B. Negley Association to make the property available to promote cultural and creative activities in the area.

Tingry Arts Club

Since the autumn of 2020, Hôtel de Tingry is the home of an arts club and the center of cultural events in the area. The house is a place of lively exchange, conversation and community where Jazz concerts, exhibitions, readings, conferences, and master classes are hosted. Luxurious private rooms are also available for hire to club members. For more information please contact us here.