Emma Franz is an Australian filmmaker and musician whose debut feature, Intangible Asset Number 82, screened in competition at prestigious festivals around the world. She has been invited to present her work at the Smithsonian Institution, Lincoln Center, and elsewhere.

Frédéric Ramade is an independent filmmaker based in Paris. His work includes The Red Way, Ode to Suburbia, The Problem with Tom, and Liberating Chinon.

Daniel Gwirtzman is a producer, educator, filmmaker, and dancer celebrating 26 years as a choreographer and company director. His diverse repertory is known for its humor, virtuosity, musicality, charisma, and accessibility.

J. Morgan Puett is a trans-disciplinary creative producer with accomplished work in the areas of installation art practices, clothing and furniture design, architecture, fine art, film. She is the architect of the Mildred’s Lane Project.

Aurélia Georges directed and co-wrote several award-winning films, including L’homme qui marche and La fille et le fleuve, which premiered in ACID during the Cannes Film Festivals in May 2014.