Khalid Kouhen, born in Fez in Morocco under the star of cultural diversity and established in France since 1978, is a percussionist without borders. He received the teaching of great percussion masters, such as Pandit Shankar Ghosh, Indian tablas virtuoso and Nicia Ribas d’Avila, Brazilian samba drummer. An eclectic concert artist, Khalid Kouhen collaborates with eminent artists from all walks of life. He brings a personal sound to the music, combining tradition and contemporary music. The virtuosity of his playing and the multiple colors of his instrumentation are highly sought after on international stages. He has been invited to many festivals, including “Paris Jazz Festival” (France), “Jazz Au Chellah” and “Fez Sufi Music Festival” (Morocco), “Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival” (Caribbean), “Førde Traditional and World Music Festival” (Norway)… An inspired improviser and experienced pedagogue, he also excels in composition and arrangements for percussion orchestra.

Flora Geißelbrecht is an Austrian violist, vocalist, composer and lyricist. Her special interest lies in the music of our time and the musical and interdisciplinary interaction. Her music often revolves around voice, speech and words. She has completed studies in classical, contemporary and jazz viola as well as composition and improvised music. In 2020/2021 she worked as an academist of the German leading contemporary music Ensemble Modern in Frankfurt. After winning several competitions and scholarships in Austria, she also won the international competition for soloist, the Berlin Prize For Young Artists 2021, with her program for viola and voice, as well as the recording prize by french label outhere music. In her own compositions, Flora Geißelbrecht merges her various knowledges and skills in New Music, folk, jazz, improvisation, composition and poetry, rounding off a very personal whole performance.

Chia-Yu Hsu’s compositions continue to be recognized by an impressive list of prizes and commissions, including the Patsy Lu Prize by the International Alliance for Women in Music and the Copland House Award.

David Chaillou is a lecturer at the University of Artois. He received his diploma from the Conservatoire de Paris and his doctorate from the Sorbonne. Along with his work for concert performance, Chaillou also composes for the cinema and theater.

Michel Pastore works to rehabilitate the musical patrimony silenced by totalitarian regimes. Since 2006, he has been the director of the Festival of Forbidden Music in Marseille.