Andrea Kollnitz is Associate Professor in art history at the Institution for Culture and Aesthetics, and former senior lecturer at the Centre for Fashion studies at Stockholm University. Her current research is focused on the self-fashioning of the avant-garde artist; nationalist visual and textual fashion and art discourse, fashion photography and caricature. She is co-editor, with Marco Pecorari, of Fashion, Performance and Performativity (Bloomsbury, forthcoming), and, with Louise Wallenberg, of Fashion and Modernism (Bloomsbury, 2018).

Pamela Newkirk, PhD, is an award-winning journalist and scholar. Her latest book Spectacle: The Astonishing Life of Ota Benga, was listed among the Best Books of 2015 by NPR, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Boston Globe, The Huffington Post Black Voices and The Root. 

Ana-Stanca Tabarasi-Hoffmann is a researcher in history of ideas, a literary critic and a translator. Her interests are the history of landscape, the relationship between science, literature and arts, Romanticism and S. Kierkegaard, whose works she is also editing.

Mary Flanagan’s works range from game-inspired systems to computer viruses, embodied interfaces to interactive texts; these works are exhibited internationally. She is the Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Professor in Digital Humanities at Dartmouth College.

Sarah Kielt Costello is an archaeologist whose research areas include visual culture, technologies of memory, gender, ideology and resistance.