Patrick Autréaux

While studying medicine and cultural anthropology, Patrick Autréaux published poetry and reviews of contemporary art. In 2006, after practicing as an emergency-room psychiatrist, he decided to dedicate himself entirely to writing. The view of illness as an inner experience informs his first cycle of writing, ending with Se survivre (Verdier). He is the author of Dans la vallée des larmes (translated in English at UIT Books, 2019), Soigner, and Le Dedans des choses, all novels published by Gallimard. He also published in 2015 Les Irréguliers, a novel on illegal immigrant in France. He was nominated for the Prix Décembre and Prix Femina for his novel Quand la parole attend la nuit (Verdier, 2019). His latest book Pussyboy was released during the spring 2021.

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Sep 2022

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